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September 18, 2021 - Saturday
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Get on with your day... The CarPay way!

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Let us handle the payments!

Do what you do best, sell! Why spend unnecessary time and hassle trying to collect money after you've already made the sale and delivered the vehicle? At we take the headache out of collecting the payments.

Also ask us about our seamless integration with AutoLogic. If you are an AutoLogic user, you can quickly and securely send up all of your data files with only one click!

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  • Payments accepted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year rain or shine.
  • No more trips to the ATM.
  • No need to keep large quantities of cash at your location vulnerable to theft.
  • No more waiting up after hours for a customer to drop off their payment after work.
  • Allows you to continue doing what you do best, selling vehicles!
  • All records maintained online indefinitely and can be re-printed or viewed at any time from any location.
  • No cost to join!

Get started today! or call us at (800) 848-8751

How it works

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  • Customer logs on to their account.
  • Customer clicks to make a payment.
  • Customer selects your dealership and enters a payment amount.
  • Customer makes their payment and receives a receipt.
  • Dealer receives an email that the customer has made their payment.
  • Dealer posts credit to customers account.
  • electronically transmits the customers payment directly into your bank account.
  • That's it!

Featured Dealer Products:

Run your lot from start to finish with our premiere dealer management software.

Register temporary tags online with only a few clicks using our FREE temp tag software.
Sell your inventory online with our integrated web service. Welcomes These New Dealerships:

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If you've recently signed up with and wish to be displayed on this list as a new dealer for FREE, let us know!

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